Brazilian, Sabrina Barrios finished her BFA in Graphic Design (UFSM, 2004) before relocating to London, São Paulo and Berlin. In 2009 she moved to New York to complete her MFA at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute (2012).


Recent exhibitions include immersive experiences such as Frequency of the Invisible–part 1 (MASM Santa Maria Museum of Art, Brazil, 2019); Frequency of the Invisible–part 2 (BienalSur, Brazil, 2019); Beam (Casa Amarela, Brazil, 2018); Epic of Creation (Arteles, Finland, 2017); The Earth Experiment (No4 Studio, Brooklyn, 2017); Ley Lines (Wassaic Project, NY, 2017); Coup D’etat: How They Did It; and Coup D’etat: How To Resist (Wassaic Project; and Staten Island Cultural Center, NY, 2016); The Horse Rider and The Eagle (Bains Connective, Belgium, 2016); Atlantis (Aabenraa Biennial for Contemporary Art, Denmark, 2015); Zero (Laboratory, WA, 2015);
Orion and Vega (Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, 2014); and Degrees of Freedom (Harlem Art Factory Fest, NY, 2013). She has exhibited her paintings at JustMAD Art Fair (Spain, 2016); and Anita Schwartz Gallery (Brazil, 2014 and 2015); videos at Bienal Desde Aquí (Colombia, 2015); and at the MoMA: Abstract Currents (NY, 2013). Residencies/fellowships include The Studios at MASS MoCA (MA, 2017); Arteles (Finland, 2017); The Bronx Museum–The Artist in the Marketplace (NY, 2016); Just Residence–Banco Santander Foundation (Malaga–Madrid, 2016); Bains Connective (Brussels, 2016); and The Wassaic Project (NY, 2015).


Sabrina's work has been included in The Fourth Bronx Museum Biennial in New York (2017); and in the Baku Biennale in Azerbaijan (2019). The artist currently lives between Brooklyn and Rio de Janeiro, using art as an instrument for dialogue, resistance and political change.


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Artist Statement_

I focus on the relationship between the self and the collective consciousness, and on our perception of reality–that might not be real. I search to understand what bonds and what controls us; the power of faith; the inner universe; the multiverse; and how these things are interconnected.


My research encompasses psychology, cosmology, quantum physics and history–not only the history one reads in books, since books have been written by victors.
As part of my research I immerse myself in the place and community where my work will be created, so it has a direct dialogue with its people. My personal impressions are then translated into large scale installations, drawings, paintings, videos or multimedia immersive experiences.


Each medium communicates what the other doesn’t. In my large scale installations (built with white strings that glow under UV light), for instance, the viewers are invited to participate by walking within the maze-like-geometric-structure, while making navigational decisions. Quantum physics claims that the choices we haven’t made in this universe happened in a parallel one, and my installations depict the invisible energy of portals, open to alternate realities and hidden dimensions.


My acrylic paintings have textures, scratches and layers upon layers of ink. Like scars, they relate to memories that built the self. With my videos, on the other hand, I tell stories in the pace of dreams, using symbols and fragmenting time. And in a multimedia immersive experience, each medium is important for the understanding of the narrative in its totality. By engaging with the artwork, the observer collects information as though completing a puzzle.

Despite the distinct feelings associated with each piece, the work relies on symbolism and geometry, for their visual simplicity that holds complex meanings.


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2012 Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, USA | M.F.A.–Fine Arts

2004 Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS, Brazil | B.F.A.–Graphic Design



2022 MACS (Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Sorocaba) | São Paulo, Brazil

2022 WE ARE NATURE–NO Sphere | NY, USA 
​2019 MASM (Museu de Arte de Santa Maria) | Santa Maria, Brazil
2019 Factors 6.0–BienalSur | Brazil

2019 Baku Biennale | Baku, Azerbaijan
2019 Femea Alma–Peito Aberto | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2019 Interseções Poéticas | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2019 Ave Eva Evoé Voa–Casa Voa | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2019 Onyx–Alfa Gallery | Miami, USA

2018 Feixe (Beam)–Casa Amarela Providência | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018 Consciousness–Alfa Gallery | Miami, USA
2018 Partidos–Despina | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018 Plano de Fuga–Marques456 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2017 Ley Lines–The Wassaic Project | Wassaic, NY, USA
2017 Birth | Zakopane, Poland

2017 The Fourth Bronx Museum Biennial | New York, NY, USA
2017 Epic of Creation | Hämeenkyrö, Finland
2017 Ground Control–No.4 Studio | Brooklyn, NY, USA

2016 Eutopia–The Vanderbilt Republic | Staten Island, NY, USA

2016 The Wassaic Project Summer Exhibition | Wassaic, NY, USA
2016 Greenpoint Gallery | Brooklyn, NY, USA
2016 The Horse Rider and The Eagle | Brussels, Belgium

2016 JustMAD–Contemporary Art Fair | Madrid, Spain

2015 Museum Sonderjylland | Aabenraa, Denmark

2015 Bienal Internacional de Arte Desde Aquí | Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

2015 The Paseo | Taos, NM, USA

2015 Governors Island Art Fair | Governors Island, NY, USA

2015 Aabenraa Artweek–Biennial for Contemporary Art | Aabenraa, Denmark and Flensburg, Germany

2015 No Parking–Without Paper Gallery and Cadoro Gallery NYC | New York, NY, USA

2015 Chashama Yearly Benefit | New York, NY, USA

2015 Saranac Art Projects | Spokane, WA, USA

2015 Zero–Laboratory Residency | Spokane, WA, USA
2015 The (un)scene | New York, NY, USA

2015 Anita Schwartz Gallery | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014 Dumbo Arts Festival | Brooklyn, NY, USA
2014 Governors Island Art Fair | Governors Island, NY, USA

2014 Anita Schwartz Gallery | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2014 Synthetic Zero, Bronx Art Space | The Bronx, NY, USA
2013 Festival NAA | Barcelos, Portugal
2013 Harlem Art Factory Festival | NY, USA

2013 Inside Outside In, Iota Projects And Pop Up Art Shop | NY, USA

2013 Balaclava Gallery | UK

2013 MoMA PopRally: Abstract Currents, an Interactive Video Event | NY, USA

2013 100 NYC Artists, Galeria de Diseño Casa Prado | Barranquilla, Colombia

2013 Striphanger Gallery | Brooklyn, NY, USA

2012 The Sketchbook Project–Brooklyn Art Library | Brooklyn, NY, USA

2012 Fotofluxo 2012: Video Projection in Public Spaces | Rio Grande, Brazil

2012 “Aquarius”, Governors Island Art Fair | NY, USA

2012 “Perhaps the Mind Never Dies”, Governors Island Art Fair | NY, USA

2012 Virion Biennial | Australia

2012 “Small Works”, Brooklyn Art Space | Brooklyn, NY, USA

2012 “VIP Art Fair”, Jury Selected Online Fair | UK

2012 “Pratt MFA Final Show”, Pratt Institute Manhattan | NY, USA

2012 “In Finities”–MFA Thesis Exhibition at Pratt Institute | Brooklyn, NY, USA

2012 “Instinct | An Art Encounter” | Brooklyn, NY, USA

2011 “New Forms”–curated by Mickalene Thomas | Brooklyn, NY, USA

2011 “One”–Foto na Parede | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2008 “Small Works Great Ideas”, APW Gallery | NY, USA



2022 The Kingsland Wildflowers’ Summer Residency | NY, USA

2019 Casa Voa | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018 Casa Amarela Providência | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2018 Despina | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018 Marques456 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2017 Pscheuench Experimental | Zakopane, Poland

2017 Arteles | Hämeenkyrö, Finland

2017 MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) | Massachusetts, USA
2016 The Artist in the Marketplace (AIM)–The Bronx Museum | NY, USA

2016 Just Residence–Banco Santander Foundation | Malaga, Spain

2016 Bains Connective | Brussels, Belgium

2015 The Wassaic Artist Residency | Wassaic, NY, USA

2015 Aabenraa Artweek | Aabenraa, Denmark

2015 Laboratory Residency | Spokane, WA, USA

2014 and 2015 AIR–4heads Residency Program | Governors Island, NY, USA

2006 Curso Abril de Jornalismo at Editora Abril S.A. | São Paulo, Brazil



2022 Montclair State University | Montclair, NJ, USA
2019 Factors UFSM–BienalSur | Santa Maria, RS, Brazil
2016 Snug Harbor Cultural Center | Staten Island, NY, USA
2016 The Wassaic Project | Wassaic, NY, USA

2015 The Harwood Museum–Paseo | Taos, NM, USA

2015 Aabenraa Artweek–Biennial for Contemporary Art | Aabenraa, Denmark

2012 “Focus & Motivation”, Hunter College | NY, USA



2015 Harvestworks Artistic Excellence | NY, USA


2015–present Sr. Art and Creative Director, Sabrina Barrios Studio | Brooklyn, NY, USA
2016–2021 Sr. Art Director, Peloton | NY, USA

2013–2015 Sr. Art Director, Bloomberg LP | NY, USA

2012–2013 Art Director, The Project Relay LLC | International

2011–2012 Co-coordinator/Creative Director, Pratt Institute VALS | Brooklyn, NY, USA

2007–2009 Graphic Designer, Época Negócios Magazine | Edições Globo-Condé Nast
| São Paulo, Brazil

2006–2007 Graphic Designer, MTV Magazine | Editora Abril S.A | São Paulo, Brazil